Maybe that extra line you need is just beyond the capability of copper.  Maybe you need faster data transfer on your backbone or there is interference reducing performance.  Fiber optic cable is well known for reliability and speed of transmission for data and voice applications and may be the solution to improving your LAN for indoor or outdoor applications, and more recently for fiber-to-the-desk high speed network access. 

 Fiber optic cable is designed to provide a consistent "highway" for your information.  Many applications and office environments require rapid transmission and large volumes of network "traffic" to travel from device to device.  While fiber to the desk is possible, most often the multi-mode or single mode fiber is used for backbone or long-haul usage.  A SAN or data center environment can benefit from the faster transfer rates fiber can provide.

Let us know what you need:

  • supply and installation
  • termination
  • testing
  • repair
  • we now offer fusion splicing to extend your existing fiber or replace a damaged segment

We recommend and install Corning fiber for indoor commercial applications, building to building connectivity, and specialized installations such as surgical suites.