Wireless communication can broaden your company's infrastructure to include neighbouring buildings and locations, or to reach out over a distance not feasible with copper or fiber optic cabling.

Wireless products can fit many different needs.  In a LAN environment, a well placed infrastructure can allow you secure access to the internet or your VOIP system from your PC or laptop, anywhere your network is designed to reach.  Leased lines between facilities can be a monthly burden.  Consider the possibility of replacing that fiber, or adding a redundant link using wireless equipment you own.

Outdoor links using PTP (point-to-point) technology can keep your facilities communicating over greater distances.  Building to building links can be installed to provide everyday or redundant communication links that can help improve "traffic" flow over your network.

View our product lines from Fortinet, Proxim, and Ubiquiti and we will tailor the products to fit.

While no one can lay claim to knowing all there is to know about this technology, our technicians have gained valuable field-tested knowledge as well as this training and are ready to help you find your wireless solution.  A wireless system analysis may be a good way to determine if there are any security issues that need to be addressed in your current wireless network.